floral dress style

So you may have seen all my New York City pictures on my Instagram well that’s because this Haitian Fashionista is a city girl and I’ve been spending quite some time here in in the Big Apple and its a place that I just Love. Its my fall break and I just decided to go and I’m also deciding where to make the “BIG MOVE”; which New York City is starting to look like its going to be my next big move. Landed in NYC bright in early and so ready to see the city and everything it has to Offer me.

First day in the Big Apple and decided to go the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, it is an absolutely beautiful, I had never been there and it was a sight I wanted to see; the picture above is actually of me right in the from of the Cathedral. You see me with me favorite fashionable tennies; which let me tell you is fantastic for wearing in here in New York, and let me tell you absolutely perfect for the walking I did the weeks I was here in the big apple.

But one of my favorite things I did while here was to go to the Chelsea market, its beyond cool because there is so many things to do in there; they have a food area, lots of things to see, and of course lots of shopping ( my favorite). So there a section the Chelsea market where a ton of designers are in one space they sell a lot of their creations. While there I found a booth that sold spoon and fork jewelry so of course I gravitated towards shiny silver. I found a pair of fork earrings but the thing is she didn’t have another fork to match it so I got a spoon; so yes I wear a fork earring on one ear and a spoon earring on the other ear (you’ll see them below in those pictures).  You guys are prolly asking what abut the shopping Girl? Oh yes I shopped my butt off. I went to my favorite thrift store which is Beacons Closet in Brooklyn and was also able to introduce some of my other friends to that store. But yes I thrifted a lot but the only regular store I shopped at was Zara, and I did go a little crazy in there because I practically felt in love with every piece but don’t worry I only came out purchasing three pieces.

boat to staten island

Guys I did something for the very first time and it was incredible! I took a ferry to Staten Island for the very first time, IT was awesome!

I was so close to the statue of Liberty and and I was moving from floor to floor on each deck and even though the day was extremely windy I was not gonna let that ruin my day and this moment.

central park

So I spent a whole day in the garment District just walking an adventuring and following the fashion fabrics. I followed the fashion line all the way to Mood Fabrics and if you guys don’t know what that is its a huge fabric store that sells all kinds of fabrics. They also have an online store ( Mood.com) if you want to go and check it out.

mood fabrics sewer

central park

I just love Central Park, its actually one of my favorite places here in New York; it just feels like a movie, just so unreal! I mean the picture below this writing is actually what you see in a  lot of movies; where people are always walking and talking and kissing, I literally just felt like I was in a musical. Every time I’m in Central Park I just want to set down a blanket and have a lovely picnic and also occasionally brake out to a song, sing and dance my heart out.

blue sea style

I Love you New York City!

new york city


pink purple dress

purple dress

Outfit Details:// Dress: Eshati // Heels:Cole Haan  (Nordstrom Rack)

A couple weeks ago I got in contact with the team at Eshakti to work with them and I was just absolutely beyond filled with joy to get to collaborate with them, as this being my my second time collaborating with them. I’m a huge fan of Eshakti, . I am absolutely in love with this dress! For those of you who don’t know the brand Eshakti; well they are a brand that believes “that all women have the right to wear affordable fashion that is made for them and makes them look their absolute best”, in fact that is basically their motto.

Eshakti began as a website offering cute, basic, and modestly embellished pieces but they offer so much more than a regular website. Right when you enter their website at the very top you are able to register and when you register you can get a 30 dollar gift coupon towards your purchase, And something very importantly and unique about Eshakti is that they offer both style and fit customization for women size 0 through 36; which is where their motto comes in hand because they are all about woman of all shapes and sizes and that true beauty isn’t about a size 0, its about a staying true to yourselves and that no matter your size you are beautiful.

I am absolutely in love with my floral pink and navy dress, it is absolutely super comfortable and the beauty of it is that you can dress it up or dress it down. But I decided to dress it bit on the dressy side with bright pink lips and these gorgeous heels, I literally felt like I was ready for a dinner date. The dress is originally a sleeveless maxi dress but because Eshakti is such a unique site you get to make your order to whatever your specific; like you can order something short sleeve, long sleeve make it or or the other or other it as a maxi, 3/4 length really whatever length you want it to be. So when you order your item you want to take into account your size( meaning height and dress size) and I ordered this floral print crepe surplice maxi dress with a a Three quarter length Sleeve Type. I loved the sleeveless but with fall coming I thought it to be the perfect early fall dress. Also don’t forget to use my code “Haitianfashionista” to get an exculively 10% OFF when you shop at Eshakti and that’s valid through the November 16.


purple swirl dress

pink lipstick

Yikes!! Pink Lips!

eshakti dress

This is actually my very first time wearing these Cole Haan heels, and they are soooooo cute!!

jewelry for days

purple swirl dress

When I originally put on this Bright pink Lipstick, all I think is Niki Minaj : Yikes, mostly because its so bright and soooo pink and real up in your face.

But when I stop for one second and stop losing my cool and stop freaking out the color is perfection and looks amazing. Guys go outside your lip color norm! I promise it’ will be worth it and better yet you might even like the new color.

eshakti maxi dress

cole haans heels

Photography by Alex Conway

In Sponsorship with Eshakti! All words my own as usually!

madewell off shoulder top

summer style

Outfit Details:// Top: Madewell // Shorts: thrifted// Shoes: thrifted (Tommy Hilfiger)

There are several thing essentials you need in the summer: hat, sunscreen, bathsuit, cute shorts and tops, shoes, and some good material to read. I just happen to have found one very special essential that will carry me through several summers to come.

I am a summer’s girl but this year I had favorite top that said it for me. I wore this Madewell top like crazy this summer and no doubt probably will wear it out like crazy next summer as well. But what I love about the top is that its my favorite color; mustard-green, and the fact that it just makes a statement and you just don’t have to think too much about whether you like it or not or what to wear it with because the options are unlimited. Summer is about being carefree, having fun and enjoying the sun and this top allows me to do all three,  and I think that is a staple that everyone goes for in the summer.

I really have a lot of fun wearing this color and and I think it really shows because when you wear a color you love and feel good in then I think it really brightens up your complexion and entire body. I don’t use bronzer but because of its brightness it really pops on my skin color and gives me a bit of a glow. that glow is….oh Natural!

Oh you guys this summer has been a great one but as always seem very short-till next time sunshine, now its time to try to embrace the new season

-summa babe

off shoulder top

summer shorts style

yellow top style

haitian girl style

polka dot set style

top knot wait style

summer smooth skin

haiti girl fashion style

summer feet style

braids top knot hair style

summer feel

yellow top

Sunshine style

yellow fashion style

Outfit Details:// Shirt:Tj Maxx  // Shorts:thrifted

Embracing the last reminder of sunshine and trying to hold it for quite some time. I know its already September and too soon it will be October but I’m just not ready to let go of the warmth, flowers and never ending sunshine.  Us summer girls don’t give up summer too easily. Its the core of what makes us who we are, and its not something that goes away so easily. One thing I love in the summertime is wild flowers, going on adventures and just wandering in fields of beautiful flowers, that show rays of sunshine. And these are the last reminder of wildflowers, and the flowers represent sunshine and to me that’s essentially saying goodbye to the sunny rays.

yellow flowers style

daisy style

yellow fashion style

flower fashion style

haitian flower child

Back to School: Bad Girl

moto jacket style

Outfit Details://Dress: Altard State // Jacket: Topshop (Nordstrom Rack) // Backpack: Isabella

Hey its Badi girl RiRi over over ( inside joke);  I’m just joking i wish I was as bad as RiRi I’m still a good girl.

Lastly on the back to School post is the Bad girls. You bad girls tend to ignore people, ignore everyone and everything around you, you tend not to do your homework, not even to show up to class and not to show your ambitions even though you have huge ambitions and know exactly what you want of life.

I think the reason you hide behind a lack of ambition because your afraid, your afraid to fail but mostly your afraid yo want more. Putting up those walls and declaring yourself a bad girl doesn’t make it so, ultimately I think bad girls are just people who put up a front and make bad decisions. So some advice for you bad girls is to have a plan stick to it, and do the work whether its and you don’t want to do it because in the long run it will pay off.

bad girl style

orange bag

black on black style

black leather style

bad girl style

black lace dress