NYE with Ma Girls

New Years with me girls

Im sure you guys saw on insta story as well as on my Instagram but two of my best friends came to spend ny very first New Years in New York with me. Having moved to New York not knowing has definitely been a harder move than I expected and makes the holidays just as hard so I was beyond thrilled to have them by my side to celebrate this holiday season with me.

My loves landed on friday and I picked them up in Soho and then took them to brooklyn to show them my crib. Spent maybe 20 minutes when we to to my apartment because we wanted to be out and about adventuring in the city.

Headed to Times to see how the ball would be dropped and of course pizza. We walked in Central Park and it snowed non-stop, ,stop for lunch on the upper manhattan. Even stopped to admire some of our favorites shops on Ave. Grab some delicious food in China Town and Nolita.

china town style

nye sparkles

The weather that weekend was absolute freezing with highs of freezing but no weather was gonna stop us, at least before 6pm.

winter style

I have to say it truly was the best New Years I’ve Ever had mostly because I got to spend it my girls!

girls night style

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