Christmas in New York

christmas new york

My first December in New York!

My first everything in New York!

But My very First Christmas In New York!

I can’t believe I’ve survived here in NYC this long. But all in all its been a really nice holiday season here in the city, even if I didn’t stay in NYC for christmas Eve or  Christmas day. Its been really wonderful getting squinted with the traditions; such as lights all over the city, ice skating at Rockefeller Center and Bryant park, a giant christmas tree in Bryant Park (which is what your seeing in some of these photos),  delicious foods and amazing crafts at the market in Bryant Park (which is where I found some amazing presents for family and friends).

Having traditions can be nice but starting new traditions can also be nice as well. I dint really know what to expect for my very first christmas season in the New York but I can say the excitement and atmosphere of it all didn’t disappoint.  I’ve made new friends along the way but I’ve also gotten to experience new York in a totally different perspective because of the Holiday and for that is a blessing within itself, because to be honest the city can get quite terrifying and yes I know for a city with thousands of people that may may sound difficult buts its the worst kind of loneliness because you can be surrounded by a sea of people but you don’t feel like you belong, and that kind of feeling can be crippling but with new traditions and holiday spirit it can make you feel like some things really are possible.

red beret christmas

So I left New York on the 22n’d of December and took a bus to Indiana…yep thats right a bus all the way from New York ( i don’t know what I was thinking)? I didn’t get to Indiana till the 23rd at noon, after an hour on the bus I regretted the decision. But it made that 22 hour bus ride so worth it because I got to spend those four short days with my family and friends,

Its funny how when your young Christmas feels so far away like it will never come, you can barely contain your excitement the week of and christmas Eve you can barely sleep waiting to here the reindeer on the roof and Santa coming down the Chimney. But now that older i see that the holiday is so over commercialized and you see that a lot of the meaning of the holiday is nonexistence. My faith is very important to me and christmas is a holiday that wouldn’t exist without the state of that faith, so to be Christmas is a truly a holiday where you have to slow things down and spent time with the ones you love. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!



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