First beach day of the Summer

 First beach day of the Summer

beach sitting

dolphins beach style

Im sad to say but this is the first beach day of the summer, its the first time I’ve been in a bathing suit all summer long. This island girl is usually a fish out of water when the sunshine and warm season come around but this summer came around and I didn’t much of a chance to get in the water because of my big move to New York. Since I didn’t have much of a chance to dip my toes into the water but a couple weeks I went to Jones Beach  with my mogull family( New York Family), amazing group of friends I made since moving to New York.

Ladies you know what conversation me must have right? Body Positivity!

I’ve NEVER felt comfortable in my body, having been petite my entire life and being busty is kind’ve a weird combination but honestly it took me years to get semi comfortable in my own body. And each Year when its the season of suits, I almost dread it and I hate that feeling. First and fore most because I love swimming and being in the water, secondly I hate feeling uncomfortable about my body and feeling like Im beautiful and fitting enough to rock a suit or even have a body. But Ya’ll Im here to tell you it all starts with positivity, BODY POSITIVITY that is. Love the body your in and DON”T think twice about what others think about your body or you.


swim beach day

anthropology polka dot

black one piece bathing suit

beach run style

backless bathing suit

michael kors swimsuit

Outfit details:

Swimsuit: Tj MAxx (Michael Kors)// Top: Anthropologie// Hat: Anthropologie//

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