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One thing I can’t get enough of is New York flowers. you pass the grocery stores and BAM flowers on the street, you pass a bodega and BAM flowers, you honestly just can’t help but one to buy every single of them. HI guys long time no- see right? Well ya girls back and better than ever with an even cooler looking blog. Yep I designed and it all by myself which is why it took me a while to get it all up and moving’.so you like the new blog layout?

So let me catch you guys up on my life………so now I’ve been living in New York about 5 months and let me tell you its no walk in central park. Its been a harder adjustment than I thought it would be but have no worries since moving here I’ve met some lovely people and found my way around so at least I’ve got that going for me. I’ve been working in fashion but at the same time Ive also been going to auditions and castings on the side because besides fashion, a love of mine since I’ve been little has been to be an actress and singer: and I decide that I’m in the perfect city to get that dream started and Im not yet ready to give up on those dreams. I think things are starting to pay off for me too because your girl just landed a part in a movie; its called a prayer for justice; so excited for everyone to see it.

But just like flowers things take time to grow and bloom. So follow you dreams-not people and eventually things will align and you’ll be in the right place and right time.


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Jeans: Nordstrom Rack (jolt brand:) // top: Kohls //jacket: vintage Levi’s //shoes: vintage adidas originals // Bag: Madewell 


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