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Hello my Loves….I know definitely long time no see. Right? your probably thinking WTF, OMG, WHERE THE BLOODY HAVE YOU BEEN?? I know I’ve been MIA! But let me tell you its been a tough couple months. Last you guys have heard I moved to New York chasing my childhood dreams of becoming a fashion Designer. So I packed my outfits and some heels in my mustard suitcase (two to be percise) and several bags and made my way to the Big Apple. I’ve ALWAYS dreamed of moving to New York when I came to to the States, but the minute I packed my bags and went out the door I suddenly felt extremely rush, unprepared, and not ready to leave the nest and have to say goodbye to my family and friends. So when I was headed out to NewYork I still hadn’t found a place to live yet(YIKES), yikes is correct. I was so incredibly lucky that my father drove me out and decided to stay a little bit in NYC with me to help me find a place to live. My sister in law knows a friend of a friend (you  know that goes), I was very lucky because through the New York Institute ofTechnology I was able to get a room in their building on the Upper west side  on 86th street. And dare I say it I moved myself in and started to live in a building with dare I say  a doorman. UH! I know I was thinking I was going to be living out my long awaited gossip girl dreams! Wrong!

I’ve visited New York before I mean its not like its my first time being in the city and roaming the streets but this time it was different and I know why; because it was permeant. PERMEANT! Not in the term as I can never EVER leave but for now it was a pretty fixed and permeant thing. So I don’t think I ever actually mentioned what besides my dream brought me out here. I Also got a fashion design Internship with a company (you may know) called Jonathan Simkhai . I needed an Internship to graduate which is the main the reason I got into the internship to begin with, But in the end it was definitely for the best because I was new to the city, need to know my way around and also meet new people. And that is actually where I’ve met some very close friends of mine. So while being an Intern I was trying to find a job and also trying to find my way around the city and have a life. So that’s why you guys really haven’t heard from me its been hard trying to balance it all and honestly its been lonely. Having just moved to the city not knowing anyone, it got hard and I became money and even a little depressed. So I’m sorry you guys haven’t heard much from me but I took that time to try to get my life and myself together.

Now that is been almost three months since I’ve moved to the big city and I just got offered a couple jobs (YES), I been waiting for offers like this forever. I’ll tell you guys more about those jobs and position when I get further long in them. If you follow me on Instagram you would also see that last week I moved from the Upper west side to Brooklyn. Yes! FINALLY! Now that I have moved in to my new apartment, I think that I can finally settle down and start writing and posting, and more importantly move on further with my life, and have a balance and routine to my everyday. Im so glad that I am back. Keep reading and stay tune for more. Sending you all virtual hugs and kisses.

xoxo K

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