Winter Flare

Winter Flare

teal top

Outfit Details:

Flare Jeans: Free People // Turtle Neck: Nordstrom Rack// bag: Francesca’s // boots: Fyre boots (TJ MAxx)

This season and upcoming season skinny jeans have been thrown out the window and in come the wide leg flare jeans. And I am a big fan of the wide legged flare jeans-sorry skinny jeans I’ve totally made the switch. Not that I don’t love and rely on my skinny’s but switching over has been freeing. If if you asked me couple years ago if I would be comfortable wearing flare jeans I would prolly say no, because being 5’5 and just quite petite; flare jeans weren’t my first choice but now I can’t stop wearing them.

With the chill in the winter I almost  fell like I need that extra length to my legs. There are just so many benefits to wearing flares: they lengthen your legs, make you look oh so tall, and I don’t know about you but all the flares I own are so comfortable that my legs go on for miles I could go dancing and twirling in them:) That mood equals the Winter flares….but don’t forget the attitude though ladies very important.

free people flare jeans

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