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Shirt: Olivia Palermo + Chelsea28 // Blazer: Zara (beacons Closet) // Shirt: Thrift // tights: Target                                        Earrings: Target //Choker: Altar’d State // Bag:  liebeskind Berlin Similar: HERE) (HERE)

Feeling quite like a working Lady

I mean, with the months approaching the world of adulting is coming way too soon. So I must prepare myself by looking more like a professional and blazers are my favorite thing to wear when entering the corporate world. But the most important thing I think when looking more professional is, to never lose your style. Sure you have to dress up and look presentable but if you lose your own personal style, then you’ve just become another face amongst the tweed blazers and khakis, and not being authentically true to who you are.

There are so many times when we feel the need to wear blazers and trousers and button-up blouses, especially to a work meeting. But the look is best when it’s dressed down, or dressed up, but especially when you feel comfortable and being who you really are. I feel it’s more elegant to go one size up with your blazer , or have a more structured blazer. Less stuffy, and a whole lot more chic. I’ve always been a fan of blazers (ultimate cool girl look) so when I came across this one to one of my travels to New York, it was just perfect for me. The Look in the end just makes me feel like an ultimate GIRL BOSS, and like I know exactly what I’m taking about. Professional enough to get the job done, but still the life of the party once once you’re out at 7pm. I’m a huge fan of this very clean and structured look, its professional but the same time the tights show a little more about my style and who I am. Bye bye are the days where you just had to wear a blazer and trouser pants to the office. GIRL BOSS on the go!

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