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Pop of Pink

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Outfit Detail:

Shirt: Free People // Jeans: Beacons Closet // Lipstick: // Heels: Cole Hann

The colder it gets,  the harder it is to want to pull yourself out of bed and get dressed. And then you get dressed and you just want to throw on the comfiest outfit no matter how it looks (even us fashionista’s feel this way) but if your able to find that one thing that gives your outfit a bit pop then you can set yourself apart from  the sea of grey. During the winter there are several different items I like to add to my wardrobe when its missing that certain “POP”. Some of those items include neck ties, lipstick, headbands, shoes, tights, and jackets. Anything really that adds some color, makes the outfit less drab.

As of Lately I’ve loved experimenting with different lip colors, its not a color I would wear on the norm but I think its so fun to experiment with colors and style that’s outside your usual style.

This lip color is what I call Nicki Minaj pink; she wears this bright pink color a lot and is able to pull it off, I’m still not sure if I really pull it off but I love how it looks on. The winter is super dull to me and I don’t really feel fully myself in those dark cold moments but when I am able to have a glimpse of the the real me (which includes all things fashionista) then I must Killize.

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