Holiday Fairy

Holiday Fairy

ALWAYS swinging and twirling it makes me like anything is possible

holiday style

Dress: Cactus Flower// Jacket: Soia Kyo (Similar: HERE) // Flower Crown: Urban Outfitters // belt: Altar’d State // Bag: liebeskind Berlin (similar: HERE) (HERE)

And she’s Back……..After a couple weeks of finals and a week filled with festivities and a week filled with Christmas celebrations; well its been some holiday season that is. Happy holidays and Happy New Years to all you lovely people. This space can get a little slow around this time of the year because I’m spending time with family and friends, making the most of my time to put work aside.

But today is a day before New Years Eve and for some reason I seem quite content a little wary about the future, which I guess is normal sense, I ‘ve been on a certain path on my own for such a long time now that it makes you think back . I’ve realized that when I look back at the past year, few months, few days, and look forward at what is capable of coming to life into something tangible in the future, I can feel completely happy about it all. And how far I have truly come by myself and not needed anyone to guide me. And in that aspect I think that when you need to be grateful and have a bit of hope for the future. I think it’s because these past years have been brutal for me, but I’ve overcome those obstacles and lately I’ve decisions that I haven’t been completely sure about when I think about it deep down I know I’m doing the right thing even when others doubt me. I had the clearest perspective and awareness of everything that surrounded me. I opened my eyes and hearts to a lot of people and things that made me feel good and protected. I listened more to other perspectives, and let them not overshadow my own, but complement them in a smarter, more comprehensive way. I’m not sure how it happened, but it did, and I’m so grateful for that. Grateful for where it has brought me.

I get to be a Holiday Fairy and rarely does one get to have that dream come true but with the holidays anything seems so possible. I like the idea that I get to be a holiday fairy; I know it sounds childish but its more of a symbol; to me its almost like it brings out ones happiness. Which is what I choose to be this holiday season; Happy and grateful.  So I Hope you all spend your days with those you love unconditionally, and who make you feel your best.

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