Belle De Jour

 Belle De Jour

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free people red beret

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Dress: Altar’d State // Coat: Tj MAxx (Similar: HERE)// Beret: Free People

Hey everyone hope you all had a great new Years and are ready for what the 2017 will bring. Im so ready and at the same time so unready for 2017 because this year is one that bring one total independence. with me graduating in June/July I’m in total panic mode and unsure of what the future holds for me.

And thats a strange feeling being unsure and not being planned for whats to come; I killy Vincent am a planner and like to know whats coming and even then I like to plan for the unknown but future is hard to plan for. So I have to take control by not having control and letting go, and let God and whatever the future has planned for me have all the control.

Apparently starting the New Year off on the right foot by….

being all bundled up and feeling extremely french; which to me is normal dressing ( minus the cold). Because even though I celebrated the New Year here in the states its still nice to be reminded of home and my nationality. You will probably see this beret quite here on the blog in coming months because the weather will not be out liking but it gives me the chance to wear some cute winter gear. But Nonstop I’ve been wearing this faux fur and I can’t get enough of it, I actually bought last year towards the end of the winter season and never really got a chance to wear it and this season its been stuck to my body like glue. Everytime I wear faux fur for some reason I feel very stylish and and I could give someone an icy glare that could melt them in 5 secs (Miranda Presley vibes; am I right?).

So heres to the next 365 days of going against the status quo,smiling and laughing more, and just taking one day at a time. Bonne Annee mon amour, j’espere qu’il est rempli d’excitation, d’amour et de joie.


xoxo- Killy

faux fur coat

french girl

haitian flag colors

beret hat

french girl style

white faux fur style

Staying all bundled u this season in Faux Fur- The Fur is faux but the sass is real!

navy dress back

doc marten floral boots

french girl vibes

red beret

beret for life style

haitian girl style

french girl style

winter style