NYC (2016)

floral dress style

So you may have seen all my New York City pictures on my Instagram well that’s because this Haitian Fashionista is a city girl and I’ve been spending quite some time here in in the Big Apple and its a place that I just Love. Its my fall break and I just decided to go and I’m also deciding where to make the “BIG MOVE”; which New York City is starting to look like its going to be my next big move. Landed in NYC bright in early and so ready to see the city and everything it has to Offer me.

First day in the Big Apple and decided to go the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, it is an absolutely beautiful, I had never been there and it was a sight I wanted to see; the picture above is actually of me right in the from of the Cathedral. You see me with me favorite fashionable tennies; which let me tell you is fantastic for wearing in here in New York, and let me tell you absolutely perfect for the walking I did the weeks I was here in the big apple.

But one of my favorite things I did while here was to go to the Chelsea market, its beyond cool because there is so many things to do in there; they have a food area, lots of things to see, and of course lots of shopping ( my favorite). So there a section the Chelsea market where a ton of designers are in one space they sell a lot of their creations. While there I found a booth that sold spoon and fork jewelry so of course I gravitated towards shiny silver. I found a pair of fork earrings but the thing is she didn’t have another fork to match it so I got a spoon; so yes I wear a fork earring on one ear and a spoon earring on the other ear (you’ll see them below in those pictures).  You guys are prolly asking what abut the shopping Girl? Oh yes I shopped my butt off. I went to my favorite thrift store which is Beacons Closet in Brooklyn and was also able to introduce some of my other friends to that store. But yes I thrifted a lot but the only regular store I shopped at was Zara, and I did go a little crazy in there because I practically felt in love with every piece but don’t worry I only came out purchasing three pieces.

boat to staten island

Guys I did something for the very first time and it was incredible! I took a ferry to Staten Island for the very first time, IT was awesome!

I was so close to the statue of Liberty and and I was moving from floor to floor on each deck and even though the day was extremely windy I was not gonna let that ruin my day and this moment.

central park

So I spent a whole day in the garment District just walking an adventuring and following the fashion fabrics. I followed the fashion line all the way to Mood Fabrics and if you guys don’t know what that is its a huge fabric store that sells all kinds of fabrics. They also have an online store ( if you want to go and check it out.

mood fabrics sewer

central park

I just love Central Park, its actually one of my favorite places here in New York; it just feels like a movie, just so unreal! I mean the picture below this writing is actually what you see in a  lot of movies; where people are always walking and talking and kissing, I literally just felt like I was in a musical. Every time I’m in Central Park I just want to set down a blanket and have a lovely picnic and also occasionally brake out to a song, sing and dance my heart out.

blue sea style

I Love you New York City!

new york city