Dancing in Mustard

 Dancing in Mustard

Dancing Queen over HERE! I absolutely just love a good party, Love a good song, and that’s all it takes; you betcha ya my legs will out on the dance spinning, twirling and boogieing the night away!!!

mustard top knot

twirl dress style

Outfit Detail:// Dress: dry Goods (brand: Lush) // Shoes: (similar) HERE//earrings: target

This dress has me feeling some type of way because I just can’t stop dancing and twirling. As you all know mustard green or should I start calling it chartreuse; anyways it happens to be my favorite color and lately I seem to be buying a lot of that color and I just can’t get enough of it. I was recently was in the biggest Zara store and I couldn’t help but falling in love with the most gorgeous of all mustard-green long cardigan and later on that week I realized I loved that color on that sweater so much that I went back to purchase the regular sweater in mustard-green. Hehe….. With the change in weather this is a color that I tend to wear quite a bit so be prepared to see mustard-green a lotta on Haitian Fashionista.

I absolutely love the simplicity of this dress (sometimes simply is better :)). You guys know the deep V front lace up trend has been huge for a while but as per usual I’m one to shy away from trends especially one like this. As a rule I usually make to not show too much in the bust area because I am more top heavy (I am as they call it an inverted triangle shape) but lately I’ve been pretty good with going outside of my comfort zone but after I got used to the style I realized it was a style I really liked. Hopefully I would I will be able to find  more front V lace up styles that I feel comfortable in

mustard dress style

I love a good Twirl! whether I’m dancing by myself or with a partner, I’ve just got to have that twirl!

mustard dress style

twirl style

mustard kisses

dancing bean style