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Outfit Details:// Shirt: TJ Maxx (Polo Brand) // Overalls: Thrifted ( lucky brand) // Neck scarf: Madewell

I’m starting a Back to school segment here on the blog where I list some general stereotypes of school goers and and where I also give some advice on school, life/lifestyle, and maybe help define your school stereotype and if people really do fit in just one stereotype.

So for all you Tomboys listen closely to these advice, because I hope it carries you through this school year. T-O-M-B-O-Y, my definition of a girl who dresses with the appeal of boyish charms. For you guys I think its all about being yourself, not doubting who you are and not being swayed by anyone’s opinions or judgements of you. In school I think tomboys tend to go with the flow so they tend to have a variety of friends becasue they are able to adapt to different personal traits of others. That I think is one of the best and biggest traits for you guys; being a people person and able to adapt to situations of those around you.

My advice this school year would be to focus on your studies and yourself try to get too carried away with what others are doing or get too evolved in other peoples business. I also want to say what makes you a tomboy is that you stay true to who are, go with the flow, and never let anymore make you feel less than who you are. You are beautiful, strong minded individuals just follow your heart and everything will be alright.

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