Back to School: Girly Girl

Back to School Girly Girl

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Best way to keep up with everything and not get side-tracked is by having an agenda.

I love AGENDA’s they keep me current and up to date and allow me to scribble my schedule down which I prefer instead of electronically ( I just don’t understand how people write down their schedule on their phone or on their computer), I need it be physically in my hands or its weird it me and besides I probably won’t know what I have on the upcoming schedule unless there is clear proof in my hand.

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Outfit Details:// Skirt: thrift // Top: Tj MAxx

Girl Girls are just girls that want to have fun (sing it). IF you love frilly, lace and delicate clothing and you don’t mix too much boyish and masculine pieces in with your wardrobe, then girly girl is your style. For some back to school looks you should shop at Nordstrom rack, Nordstrom, madewell, Asos, the are some of my favorite stores I love to shop at if you go back to school shopping you’ll find some really cute back to school pieces.

Girly Girls tend to stick with their squad; (as I like to call it a girl gang,)and always seem to be surrounded by a flock of people. It’s not a judgement or anything it’s truly a fact and just something that I have noticed over the years btw its a good thing. You girls are INDEPENDENT and that I love that because it’s all about that girl power whether you start with the simple stuff like a group of girls that stay by your side, and maybe you progressively move on by yourself and take independent to a whole other meaning. The good thing is the world seems to be getting a lot bigger in the sense that it see us ladies as competitors too instead of just men, so I think we should show them how far we’ve got ladies. Basically kick butt!!

The Advice I have for you when it comes to school is to not to loose focus! As Eleanor Roosevelt said “No one can make you inferior without your consent” so don’t let others push you around or make you feel less then who are, don’t let them break you because you are smart and you intelligent and despite what others think of you I truly believe you can achieve it if put your mind and will power to it.  I think the world has the stereotype of girly girls and they pretty girls who just know how to accessorize with no smarts but that obviously isn’t true. But I think if can just ignore the noise and ignore the stereotypes and will be who you were meant to be.

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