Simply stylist Chicago 2016

Simply stylist Chicago 2016

Outfit Details:// Dress: Tracy Reese // Shoes: Steve Madden

I left for Chicago on friday morning in the early afternoon. Both my parents came with me because I wasn’t just going to Chicago to attend the simply stylist panel but my aunt lives in Geneva and we wanted to visit with her. So we arrived in Geneva that late afternoon got settled in and chatted and ate a delicious dinner with the auntie. So the next day came and I woke up at 6:10 to catch the 7:30 train into the city.  I wore m cute Tracy Reese dress that have these beautiful details on them. Then I drove to the Geneva Train station where I took that all the way to Ogilvie  and when I arrived to the Ogilvie train station I then took a taxi to the Dana Hotel and Spa. The conference was being held at the Dana Hotel and Spa in downtown Chicago, which meant construction and traffic but I arrived way early but better early then late I’ll say.


So when others started gathering by the front entrance that meant CHECK IN time! So I checked in got my goods such as  binder/notebook and bracelet to show that I was in VIP. So to the left of the entrance was bar areas, three set tables with water, mimosas, and I took my time sitting down because I wanted to make sure picked some cool girls to set next to. So for brunch we toast with gauc, muffins, granola yogurt. It was absolutely delicious and that mimosa was Yum (notice how I mention Mimosa several times).


After Brunch was the Panel, there were so many amazing entrepreneurs on the panel. So there was Cara Santana who is a blogger of Disclothed and is the founder of the glam app, we also had style expert and video blogger Lindsay Albanese, entrepauer Alaina kaczmarski (the every Girl), etyle expert Helen Berkun, and of course Empire costume designer Paolo Nieddo. I sat in the very front row during the panel, as the fashionista’s talked and shared how they got to where they are today. It was so inspiring listening to each and every one of their stories: you guys are all such BOSSES!! Thanks for speaking!

After Panel:

I was so beyond happy that Paolo was on the Panel because being a fashion Design student I am at that point where he was years ago when he graduated and he was still figuring out what he wanted to do with his life. And I am at the point where I am close to having an internship so I will be applying and sending out dozens of emails, so as we was speaking I was holding to every word and I knew when the panel was over that I needed to speak to him. so when the Panel was over we all went to a lower level to party it up! Lots of photos, music, food, and some more many panels!


I ate lots of Gummy Bears!:)


This girl was literally killing the illustration game- She is literally amazing, she would start a drawing and finish it in five minutes! So cool!


Overall I am Beyond Glad I went, I never expected it to be that awesome and just inspiring! so if anyone was wanting to attend and was thinking about it, JUST DO IT! You will be so glad you attended and met some creative people, and I promise after you attend it will leave you feeling inspired! Peace out Chi Town!