You know Nothing Jon Snow

You know Nothing Jon Snow

Jon Snow shirt style

Outfit Details:// Shirt: Sheinside// shorts: Tj MAxx// Sunglasses: cactus flower

Jon, Please get to Knowing!

Guys I can not tell you how much I love Jon Snow aka Kit Harrington!! Not only Jon Snow but the show Game of thrones is literally amazing! I came upon the show/books not by near coincidence. Three of my best friends were already obsessed with the show and they kept talking about it and telling me how much they loved but I was still not convinced; so I was like you guys are nerds…Nerd Alert. So my best friends dared me to watch the first episode….so I was like challenge accepted! Okay sooooo they got me! I watched the first episode and I could help it but get hooked onto the show! I love it! So then ended up finishing the entire 1st season within a week and weeks later I got all the way to the 5 season…..ooooops. I love the era that it’s set in which is medial/middle age’s, and I absolutely Love the characters especially JON SNOW. Jon Snow is one of the most beautiful man I’ve ever laid eyes on, he happens to inherit all the traits that we girls look for: his brave, kind, great heart, and extremely handsome and knows how to handle himself with a sword on the battlefield. Shhhhhh Swoon!

So when I spotted this super cute graphic t-shirt I knew it had to mine! Me and my friends are always quoting Egret and her famous quote “you know nothing Jon Snow”….Its perfect! You can either dress it up or dress it down. Its like Jon Snow will forever be close to my heart. Long live the King of the north!!

jon snow style

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