Romantic Sway

lace dress twirl

burgundy jacket

spring fashion blogger style

nars lipstick

Outfit Details:// Dress: BroadRipple Vintage// Boots: Free people

There’s nothing better than a full on romantic ensemble….. and better yet its all lace. A little beige and white buttons on cuffs and right in the middle of the back and embroidery just about everywhere (Ah Swoon!)….this just makes me want to twirl and maybe even Sway. The Romantic Sway I call it. If I had to wear one outfit everyday for the rest of my life, then I would choose all things romantic. It feels so easy and casual, yet I still can’t help but feel feminine and subtly sexy in it.

I like ruffles a lot. All in all, I don’t dress to grab attention . . . I dress for myself. That has always been my fashion motto, which is “why dress for anyone else? When you can be yourself!”. It has never felt worth my time to take too much into consideration what others thought of the way I dressed. I’ve always liked what I liked. Simple as that. So I’ve never been much of a trend follower but I’m digging’ the upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2016 and one of those trends happen to be Ruffle Romance. I mean don’t you just love a dress that you can do a lil’ shimmy, sway, and twirl to? I know I can’t resist a dress like that!

jacket and lace

Lace dress style

burgundy red lace jacket dress combo

haitian beauty queen

sway lace dress

slowly dress

lace dress back

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sway dress