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Outfit Details:// Sweater dress: Altard State// Flower crown: urban Outfitters// tights: target// shoes: forever21

Winter can be very DULL to me ( with capitol D) but its fun when you have great winter pieces to wear and pair together because it makes the going out in the cold ten times better, and the cuter outfit the more motivation needed to stand in the bloody freezing weather. I’m sure you guys know by now, that my style includes floral, FLORAL. FLOWER. FLORAL!! You know your girl is in love with pieces that have floral prints on them but floral headbands have become a new revelation and where I tend to cure the floral headband need as of late seems to Urban Outfitters.

I love this floral crown becasue the flowers on the head piece aren’t all the same size but the are of the same color scheme; which happens to be a romantic palette. And lets all be honest floral pieces remind us of the summer, and in that dry and unpleasant winter; sure brings a smile to my face. Besides being obsessed with my floral crown I quite attached to my adorable cute polka dot orange sweater ( I mean how cute- look at the back). I got this sweater at Altard State, I was trying to avoid buying it but it was too pretty, and that color is just one of my colors that I just love to wear. Speaking of Altard State………..

I don’t know if I’ve told you guys this but besides working at a bakery I work at Altard State. Working there sorta took me by surprise 9not literally working there but the environment in the store and what the company stands for,  because  its similar to my own. So for those of you who don’t know the store Altard State; its a christian based clothing store that started out of Nashville Tennessee. Brian Mason and Aaron Walters started the company and opened their very first store in 2009. There number one mission is giving back, no mater what. Their mission statement is serving as an inspiration , empowering others by giving , more than we receive, we stand out for good to glorify God.  Altard State is doing so many amazing things in the lives of people. they are sponsoring children in different countries, and helping built schools in developing countries. Helping those in developing countries is something that is so very close to my heart, and missionary work another thing that is just a core part of who I am. And i am just beyond happy and excited that Altard State shares my philosophy and love for true happiness in life; Helping Others.


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