tan jumper style

free people style

Outfit Detail:// jumper:thrifted// shirt: Free People// hat: kohl//heels: Micheal Kors

It’s so nice to be sitting here, typing (talking) to you. I don’t prioritize enough time to blog and really connect with you all. I guess that’s what happens when you have two jobs and are taking more than 18 credit hours of classes, and also this week happens to be finals (Need Coffee-ASAP). There’s not enough hours in the day or days in the week to get all of the stuff that I want done AND have a healthy sleep schedule. It’s just not possible for me. I can’t even plan enough time to finish get the Christmas shopping done and still get time to spend with me nieces and one nephew. I hope you guys understand. In the meantime, you can always stay updated and connected with me on my Instagram (@haitian_fashionista). But good news is this is my Very last week of school before I have a 3 week break which means tons of time finally getting to shoot for the blog-because I have loads of outfit ideas and tons of new purchases that want you guys to see.


Coming up with the name for this post was very easy because I feel like this is the essence of those pioneers. But let me tell you this jumper is everything I actually thrifted this at a platos closet and it is perfect for those fall days and it works for the spring and summer. I love finding pieces that are really versatile in different seasons. And as Winter is the upcoming season layers, lengths, and layers so I could still wear this to work with a high pair of boots (See what i mean-versatility is everything). Also stay tune for some changes here on the blog( let me know what you think).