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I am such a Lipstick junkie. I’m looking through my make-up chest(that’s right, chest) and realized I had a giant tote bag of makeup I’ve collected this year. So many newly products…I have a corner for my usual everyday make-up, another for that perfect date night look with hints of sparkle. ( That perfect, sparkling gold makeup palettes//where he will not stop staring at you), and another for ton of scramble mixed up makeup. So I’ve been working on plenty more beauty content as of late, and I have to admit- it’s been a lot of fun! I know I’m no beauty expert, but I am pretty good makeup expert.  I only realized recently that I’ve never actually done a post about makeup- so here’s to my very first makeup post!

I am always on the prowl for the next best lipstick, and I’m already obsessed with the new Mac, NYX, Nars, and Bobbi brown.  But its always nice to discover new brands and I’m so glad Ive gotten the opportunity to discover Studio Gear Cosmetics , their products are so pucker-up worthy! This label amazes me, especially in the beauty department. Their new matte collection includes 6 different shades, which are so effortless, easy, and totally kissable. These lipsticks are 6 different shades of red and pink and flatters literally every skin color. It’s the fact that they’re made to have biddable color that has drawn me to this collection.

makeup blogger style

One thing I’ve learned over the years when it comes to make-up is: less is certainly more. Especially for us girls on the go. So I like to go light to the make with a thin cat eye, light rosy cheeks and super BOLD Lips?

For all the lips colors I line my lips with a favorite deep red pencil liner by Nyx and you can get this at any Ulta store.


Apply the Lipstick and get the the full richness amount that you want, then smack your lips together (making sure its even all around. And Voila!

Work those Lips! SMOOCHES

studio gear red lipstickstudio gear red lipstick

purple lipstick style


lipstick blogger

This is what color is more like bubble Gum Pink! Yumm!

lipstick fashion style

pink lipstick

Laugh and smile a lot it really brings out the lip color!

pucker up

True Nude

studio gear lipstick blogger


wheres waldo

red strips shirt