WildFlower flower

fields wild flowers

yellow daisy

run wildflowers

Outfit Details:// Shirt: thrifted (Tramp brand)// Shorts:Free People// Bag:thrifted // Sunglasses:Urban Outfitters

These fields of wildflowers are More than just beautiful fields they are a representation. A representation of who I am! Fields have a way of allowing your wild side to unleash, It gives you a moment to stop the thinking and just do/just BE!! Personality wise I’m a very easy going person and mix that with being a creative person= F-R-E-E  S-P-I-R-I-T, so I’m an individual and very personal person, so I like to do my own thing; and let me tell you I CAN’T be tamed. That’s the thing about me and I think about a lot of creative people…we’re a little bit of everything. We don’t stay in one little tiny box. We step out of our comfort zone every single day. We love everything and anything.


is all about being open to the possibilities.

This day we shot this look was a perfect day for shooting. Alex and I were just driving around and we passed this field of gorgeous wildflower and right there and now I had a vision and I saw it. So we stopped on the side of the road and went about frolicking in the fields. These Free People shorts are one of my favorite pair of shorts I own Because after I bought them at Nordstrom Rack I decided to put these little daisy flowers on them ,its kinda hard to see them on there ( but promise they are on there). The spirit of summer is truly these golden hour moments that I have gotten within the heat of summer. Let me tell you, that day shooting these shots, the heat was ON and I may or may not have wanted to take off my clothes ( lOL- that’s True free spirit), but I didn’t but this shirt was equivalent to airy, because the whole back is open so I wore this blue bralette which is perfect for these heat of summer moments. So I felt like nothing was holding me back, top it off with these fashionable decade sunnies (sunglasses) and I truly felt FREE and my own.

I really enjoy outfits that have a little contradiction within them. Fashion lovers love taking risks. We’re always trying to find new ways to make an outfit more “us” and more unique.We’re innovators. Walking out the door with just a t-shirt and jeans is not a simple task. We’re always searching for our lipstick, our clutch, our heels and our magazine. We’re constantly looking for new ways to reinvent ourselves and our wardrobe. I love fashion. I love who I am since it has entered into my life. And I think it also allowed me not to be SO stiff and rigid its allowed me to become more of the person I am meant to be…truly who I am. when I said in Bio that I hoped you enjoy reading my blog as my style continues to evolve and change over time, I really meant it because this blog is my baby and you see and hear about all the changes and ups and downs that I go through. If I can’t tell anyone whats going on in my life, then I feel for some reason that its easier to tell thousands of strangers my problems ( Crazy right), but I think as we get to know each other more then we will have an understanding. I really hope you guys follow along and go on this ride with me, I may not know where its going but its gonna be bloody something.



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