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Outfit Details:// Jeans: vintage Lei// shirt: TJ maxx (brand)// bag: vintage Dooney and burke bag//shoe: vintage clogs

One of my favorite colors during this time of the year is mustard green. I mean its my absolute favorite color so that means I obviously am always wearing it. but this time of the year it looks especially good with the fall colors in the background and lets just be honest that color is an all season one. But one another note because this season tis for everything with pumpkin in it, right? well it just so happens I love pumpkin muffins, pumpkins ice coffee, pumpkin ice cream and even pumpkin candy; you name anything pumpkin I’m your girl.

SO what you see in my hands is the most deliciousness of ice coffees, it’s an ice coffee from Dunkin Donuts. I have my own personal taste of flavor I like to get: So in my ice coffee I get 2 pumps of mocha, 2 pumps of Carmel and 1-2 pumps of pumpkin.                         Um…..can you say delicious

When I actually found this cute(so totally my color) at TJ Maxx I was in full rejoicing mode, jumping up and down in celabortity ways. To be honest I have no idea where the time went when it came to the months because now it’s suddenly gotten into November but one ting I know is that its gotten to that point where all you want to wear is be and wear comfortable and cute clothes and honestly with the weather being on and off like it’s always been, it’s still ; nice to get to wear some semi winter clothes and still staying in the late summer early fall  time.

with love, Killy