She’s Got Flare

flare skirt

pink skirt style

haitian skirt

flare skirt blogger style

pink purple style

Outfit Detaisl:// shirt:old Navy//skirt: vintage//shoes: kohl’s//cluth: TJ MAxx

Pink and Tulle; how much girlish can you get? But I love this combo of purple with hints of pink and this blush skirt. There is actually a funny story that goes with this skirt: So this skirt belongs to a friend of mines grandmother, it was made for her grandmother when her mom was getting married, and the the waistline is sooo petite no one could fit in it besides me(let me tell you its really tiny-like exactly to my waist) but there is also a jacket that goes with this skirt and its so cute and vintage like.

They were going to sell it at a garage sale but I told them I loved (because I am obsessed with all things Tulle and I just had to have it) so they gave it to me (thanks bunches by the way). Okay maybe that story wasn’t so funny but I did save a beautiful skirt from being sent to a garage sell where it probably wouldn’t have been appreciated as much. I love this skirt because its tulle and chiffon and there is just so many outfit combos and possibility’s. When I wear this skirt it literally makes me feel like I’ve got Flare! When in doubt you must twirl and a little fun and pieces like this skirt really bring that out in your personality. the pieces that are really able to bring out my personality are probably anything with tulle in it, something in the color of mustard green and maybe something glamorous where I really get to dress up. What article of clothing brings out your personality??

♥Love, Killy