Carefree Summer

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Outfit Details://Crop top: Grayson Shop/Shorts: thrifted (platos Closet)/Shoes: Nine West

I’Ts officially summer here on Haitian Fashionista! I’m really not one to wear crop tops because I’m very self conscious  and hard on my body. But as of late Ive have decided Not to me, I’m breaking the status QUE and I am who I am and peoples opinions and the way others looks aren’t gonna change that. I mean what girl doesn’t go through that in their life. But a part from being such a modest dresser I’ve also decided to be more confident in myself, meaning when I feel good, comfortable, and happy in a piece of clothing that I wear then that’s all that matters.

This post is for those minimal but trendy ladies out there.

It is summer which means adding easy, breezy outfits to my blog because it’s very likely that you own similar pieces in your own closets. AS of late I have been experimenting and tiptoeing over the edge from my usual, so I have that crop top summer syndrome. And Yes it is a thing! I can’t do summer without crop tops and that’s just a fact. When the sun is blazing, the last thing I want to do is figure out a chic outfit from head to toe. I’d much rather throw on a simple crop top and shorts, possibly add a headband if I’m in the mood and head out the door. This crop top from Grayson Shop  is the perfect summer piece you just have to add to your closet. I always worry sometimes when wearing crop tops that I’m revealing too much but I think that’s a little what crop tops are all about; its about giving away only a peek(almost like a wink). With the really cute strawberry print, its giving the illusion carefree, simply but at the same time really cute. So girls take this one advice from me…STOP caring what others think and be U: wear whatever makes you happy!!!

with Love,


In sponsorship with Grayson Shop. All thoughts my own.

Photography by Alex Conway