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60's dress style

outfit details://dress: Grayson Shop// sunglasses: Broad Ripple Vintage// shoes: thifted(old navy brand)

HEllo there friends!

Today’s post is all about is part 2 of my collaboration with Grayson Shop! If you guys saw my part 1 of the collaboration which was me wearing black shorts with Grayon Shop strawberry crop top. here is the link to that post (click Here) . So when I first received this dress I didn’t think it was really me because lines and colors are everywhere, and it kind’ve hard to sty focused and not get lost but the moment I put the article of clothing on. My worries disappeared because as soon as the fabric touched my skin it felt so light and airy and OH so smooth.

I have no idea what happened to my when this dress was put on but for some reason I seem to have entered another decade. The dress was the perfect opportunity for me to also try out my sunnies from Broad Ripple Vintage, these sunglasses just really complimented and completed to the outfit. So as you see this outfit is making feel all kinds of ways, what I love about this dress is the overall  shape of the dress, the back is perfect for summer days but its not too revealing but at the same time leaving some room foo air if its too hot. This dress is a bit overly obnoxious. What’s the point in being subtle anymore. I want to catch my readers attention and I hope I achieved that. HA! this is definely different from my usual style but its nice to switch it up once in awhile. It feels so invigorating to be wearing an overload of multitude of colors. Again, wear what you’re comfortable with but never be afraid to step out of that box. It’s feels amazing to embrace all the colors in the rainbow. I felt like a ray of sunshine.

your multitude of color girl,


Photographer by Alex Conway

In sponsorship with Grayson Shop, All thoughts my own