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Outfit Details:// Dress-thirtfed (goodwill)// bag: Francesca’s //shoes: American Eagle

Bleu! Bleu! This dress is soooo blue it’s practically the beautiful color of the ocean with tiny bits of flower petals. I remember finding this dress, it was a day I spent the day in Columbus Indiana with one of my best friends Erin and we ended up running errands so during this time we had to stop at goodwill. I immediately went straight for the dresses section and as of lately I’ve realized dresses have become my causal and chill way of dressing. amongst the old boring dresses this blue stunner stood out like a sore thumb. So when I found this dress I thought it was just the cutest, so I tried it on and my usual problem as always; I’m a chesty girl with a petite body. So I thought this dress would be too tight at the top but it ended it up being okay and Erin talked me into getting it. And I am glad I did because this dress is the perfect for those long summer days and even perfect for when the season starts transitioning into fall. I also feel like the dress has a sense of femininity but at the same time it’s very causal. Sometimes you lack confidence in specify areas but with great accessories like this Francesca’s bag and casual sandals and even great friend to have your back and help boost your confident level way up, sometimes it makes you feel unstoppable and even beautiful and getting to the point where you don’t even think about those insecurities. I hate to say it but what girl doesn’t have insecurities? you say and hear, I wished I looked like that, I wish I had those legs, I hate, I hate…..If Only, IF Only.

Blue Belle….

Girls We have got to stop this cycle of self loathing and I know I am definitely not one to talk because sometimes I’m super embarrassed to wear an outfit because of how I feel I look in it (like this dress in this picture), and where I’m most self-conscious is my chest area. But NO MORE GIRLS!! cycle stops NOW, I thing we should all start a body peace which is where you start talking and being positive about your body and only saying good and positive things. Guys to be honest this was a key reason and why I started my blog. I have never been the most confidence person in the room, I may have looked on the outside but on the inside I was always thinking “don’t look at me’, “look away”, or “stop staring”. But as fashion became a more stable and permanent part of my life I started to realize that Fashion is NOT about being perfect or incredibly gorgeous it’s about individuality and uniqueness.  And more than that its about having fun and being who you truly are and I think when you relax and show people your personality your true uniqueness and beauty truly shines through.

One of my favorite quotes about beauty is from the beautiful Lupita Nyongo and she to me is the mere image of beautiful she talks in such eloquentness  she says “You can’t rely on how you look to sustain you. What is fundamentally Beautiful is compassion for yourself and for those around you. That kind of Beauty inflames the heart and enchants the soul“, could not have said it better myself girl. You GO GIRL (watch out for that one)!

I’m so very glad I started this blog because not only has it allowed me to work with some incredible talent in the industry and brands but it’s allowed me to have that little boost of confidence that I have needed all along. I’m definitely not saying that I’m some Tyra Banks or even feel like some sort of famous model but gradually I’ m starting to become okay with the person that I am/becoming and the features that god gave me. As of late Emma Roberts just did a campaign with Aerie and its untouched which means no photoshopping and retouching or any of those extra things but I’m so glad and happy she is a part of this campaign I am a huge fan of hers and the Aerie campaign with her turn out absolutely beautiful. And are ssooo many more who see beauty then just being 6 foot tall, because amazing designers like Marc Jacob’s he says ” I always find beauty in the things that are odd and imperfect they are much more interesting”. So you know what, being yourself is ENOUGH! Stop trying to be and look like girls out of the magazine catalogs because most likely more than 50% of those pictures are photoshopped. Just be YOU because that is enough! Guys Real is BEAUTIFUL and REAL is SEXY!!!!