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forever21 red skirt

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outfit details: skirt:forever21/crop shirt:/ purse:TJ Maxx/sunglasses: Urban Outfitters//shoes:chucks

Oh hello there……August- I’m sorry for being a little M.I.A but it’s all been for the good. I’ve had a lot on my plate the last couple of weeks with lots  change : new job, family matters, a very big birthday coming up. Oh my Gosh, its August. Can you believe that it’s already August? We are finally in my favorite month in the entire year. I might be a little biased because it’s my birthday month. August may be a month to party but it’s also a month to start thinking of transitioning your outfitting for fall. I’ve been loving the jumpers, mustard greens and reds lately and I think my fashion brain is getting a little too excited for the upcoming fall months. That means Fall Fashion week…NFW. I wanted to stay bright and summer-y in this post because it is still technically summer but on the inside and outside  I’m just ready for summer to last forever.  There’s nothing wrong in being a little busy bee. But once in a while you just got to chill and relax. I promise to bring you new fabulous posts more frequently.