Winter Whites

winter whites style

“They open a world and enter a world”

let it snow

“Once a king and Queen of Narnia, always a King and Queen”

snow angel

white vintage dress

 Outfit Details

Coat: Urban Outfitters

Dress: Broad Ripple Vintage

If you see a huge vintage wardrobe, enter it, and inside it you’ll find a galore of coats, put one on and follow me to a world called Narnia.You will remember that the White Witch cast her spell on Narnia, decreeing that it must be  always winter and never Christmas.“This is the land of Narnia,’ said the Faun, ‘where we are now; all that lies between the lamp-post and the great castle of Cair Paravel on the eastern sea.” If you guys don’t know what that quote is from then I’m sadden for you because that was my childhood and still is my life. The quotes are from C.S Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia:The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. For those of you who don ‘t know what that is (I’m very sad for you), in short words its about four kids that travel through a wardrobe to the land of Narnia and learn of their destiny to free it with the guidance of a mystical lion.

Read and hold onto the Words….

But what I love about the story besides the awesome mystical world of Narnia; everything about it is a symbolism. Its all a allegory  for the Christian faith, the bible, Things we face in the real world/or rather not want to face in the real world. Winter Whites is a symbol for purity, the color of perfection. The color meaning of white is innocence, wholeness and completion.white is the color of new beginnings, wiping the slate clean, so to speak. It is the blank canvas waiting to be written upon. While white isn’t stimulating to the senses, it opens the way for the creation of anything the mind can conceive;which to me is what Narnia is partially about. And wearing this gorgeous eggshell coat from Urban outfitters makes me feel like I’ve entered this beautiful snowy, icicle world. I also feel like the queen, a nicer version though( whose name is Jadis in Narnia). And this dress that I found at Broad Ripple Vintage is perfect for these snowy adventures in Narnia, and a daughter of Eve must dress like a queen right? To find Aslan in Narnia all you have to do is believe and have faith.“He’ll be coming and going” he had said. “One day you’ll see him and another you won’t”,so join me to my journey of Narnia.