That 70’s Show

70's show style

vintage blogger style

flare pants blogger style

stripes shirt

flare pants style

70's blogger style

flare jeans style

flare pants blogger style

Outfit Detail:

Jeans: J brand Jeans

Cropped turtle neck: hm

Boots: vintage

Sunglasses: Cactus Flower

Did anyone used to watch or still watch That 70’s Show? I remember watching clips and bits of it here and there when my friends would watch it, but what I do remember is that I love the wardrobe.  As you can see today’s post is all inspired by the 70’s. A time where the trends were inspired by hippies and punks with clothing articles such as bell bottoms, broad shoulders, multicolored pants, and overall just a sense of carefree looks. And I think we could become a little more carefree sometimes.

Its the 70’s…..

Something I realized is that throughout college Ive really become a little more looser with my style and is really up to experimenting and trying new things. I am obsessed with these High waited jeans that I got for a bargain at TJ Maxx, and they are J Brand Jeans; I’ve been wanting a pair for quite sometime and I’ve heard such good things from others who own a pair, so I just had to get on the wagon myself; and let me tell you everyone is absolutely right because these bad boy fit perfectly in waist and fabric is no other than corduroy ( can you say “70’s heaven”), and the flare is just perfect. Overall this outfit is absolutely one of my favorite with the striped cropped top and these vintage boots I found,they just go perfectly together. I wanted to remind some you guys that I will in New York this week( I leave tomorrow), if you guys see me stop by by and say hello or drop me a message on my instagram, wither way would love to get to meet some of you.