Maroon Twist

blue maroon blogger style

school girl style

uniform style blogger

bag pins style

twist twirly girl style

blue shirt

twirl girl

walk away with backpack

Outfit Details:

Button down: (Chambray) Miley Cyrus and Max Azria
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Thrifted
Bag: Thrift At platos Closet

I’m suddenly realizing that I have a signature pose/modeling thing that I do and that would be to Twirl. I absolutely love to TWIRL, I mean what girl doesn’t love to twirl. “Twirl”, and being twirl has sorta become a joke between me and my friend Caroline (aka my photographer). Its become a joke because every time I dance I twirl and pretend the love of my life is dancing with me and spinning and twirling me (yes I know that’s a little pathetic). But the real reason it’s funny is becasue when I use to go to school dances I would be dancing with my mates and would just say “whats a girl got to do to get twirl over here”, and when Caroline and I saw each other that day or the next she would ask me if I got twirled and if he was a sufficient twirler. But the person I am which is a hopeless romantic always wants to twirl and so wants to have her notebook moment.

Lets twirl forever, darling….

My notebook moment will be from the scenes when they are dancing in the middle of street under the spot lights and ryan gosling gives a good twirl; oh yes in deed I will have that  moment .  I hope you guys have had a great week. I have some exciting news coming: this week is my last week in Indiana and I am leaving on the 11th for New York and hoping to have the real NYC experience and maybe meet a fellow fashionista’s and maybe just to make a few  friends. If any of you guys are in new york during that time please let me know by writing in the comment below or by just emailing me, would love for you to show me around your city. Well I hope you guys get your notebook moment and have many twirls in your life!!