1st time in Central Park

central park

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Outfit Details:

Dress: H&M
Button up: max Azria & myley Cyrus
Bag: vintage

My New York trip was definitely one of the most memorable things I done this year (that’s how busy focused n studies I’ve been). On the third day; after walking and walking around the city, we made our way all to central park. This was my very first time at central park and oh my word its bigger than I imagine; its HUMONGOUS. I just thought it was a simple park where kids and people come to run and of course where tourist(ME) come to visit the famous Central Park. We were probably there most of the day shooting photo shoots, exploring Belvedere Castle where it overlooks turtle pond and an area where kids play. Central Park is a magical place almost like an entire area filled with magic and possibles( listen to me I sound like some one from Disney) but its true because of its vast amounts of area there is absolutely no way you could venture the entire are of central park.

After a beautiful day in central we got to walk around the Garment District and being a fashion design major that was absolutely amazing to see all the different types of fabric and to compare the sizes and pieces that would be given. And let me tell you those prices are extremely high; it would be like $17 dollars for a yard, when I saw I literally flip out because I’m so used to paying 3 to 10 dollars a yard for a fabric that I bought I Jo-anns. New  York is perfect you ! People are everywhere and I thought that would bother me but not really because it like no matter how many people you see there; you could still be infinitely small compared to all but at the same time you don’t have to be. And I think that’s one VERY big reason why I adore New York; new people, new places; you just never know, and I know this is why the city is perfect and  its meant for an adventurous gal like myself.

Step aside….New Yorker coming’ through

Story Time: So one of the couple last days I got to spent in New York; I did something very spontaneous! i was beyond scared because I was going on my own and I have absolutely no idea how the subway systems work but I traveled all the way to Brooklyn by myself and I was in the city and I mean literally on Lexington and 5th. So i was sooooooo proud of myself when I took the subway all the way to Williamsburg Brooklyn. I really wanted to see Brooklyn because I wanted to see the difference between the cities ( and yes there is a difference), another reason I wanted to visit Brooklyn was because some of my favorite bloggers like Rachel from Jaglever, Noelle from Noellesfavoritethings, and of course christian from Troprouge lives there and I was hoping maybe I would run into them (but sadly i didn’t run into any of them). So while I was in Brooklyn I went to some killer vintage stores first of all I went to Beacons Closet the one in Brooklyn but also the one int the city but the one in Brooklyn was Soooooooo much better. I swear I was in Beacon’s for like 3 hours just looking, trying clothes on and talking to people. After I shopped I had to get something to eat right? shopping does make you very famish; so I found some cute little cafes, I got some macaroons and I ate the best and most delicious crepe ever I’m not sure what the shops name but its run by these two nice Russian girls(they were super sweet and showed some great hospitality). Overall Brooklyn was beautiful and when  move out there I think Brooklyn is a possibility of where I meant move. New York was beautiful and I’m so glad I got to experience some of these things with my sister-in-law; this is a trip I will remember for ever.