Happy Valentines Day

Sending you all some kisses on the day over flowing with pink and red. Happy Valentines Day! Valentines Day or what I like to call Self-Love Day/Galentines Day. Its a day spent with love ones whether family and friends or that special someone, I hoped you all felt loved to you.

free people sweater

Cheers! Hats off!

lack of colors hat

valentines black white romance

laughter fuels the soul! My sweets hoped you all laughed today or at lest brought some laughter in someones life and in vise versa they brought some to you.

valentines day style

on wednesday we wear pink

Love is in the air! Sometimes valentines day can be a bit too much but times like today its feels like a wonderful day feeling surrounded by so much love and people in my life; it makes me incredibly grateful.

I have to say this shoot has been one one of my absolute favorites to shoot, especially because this sweater is the sweater an color of my dreams. This color is a true dream pink color! I feel I could wear this on a wednesday and join the mean girls lunch table.

pink sweater

haitian blogger style

pic a boo

I have to say Pink is becoming one of my favorite colors! Im not talking about just wearing it on wednesday:) I mean practically 3/5 times a week. This pink sweater is a true dream come true!

over size sweater

valentines day kiss

valentines day fashion style

valentines day style

free people style

fashion blogger hat style

dreaming of you boo

pink denim style

hats on style

waiting for my valentine

valentines dreaming

fashion blogger pink style

What Im Wearing:

Sweater: Free People // Jeans: Free People // hat: kohls (lack of colors)(urban Outfitters)

New Years with me girls

Im sure you guys saw on insta story as well as on my Instagram but two of my best friends came to spend ny very first New Years in New York with me. Having moved to New York not knowing has definitely been a harder move than I expected and makes the holidays just as hard so I was beyond thrilled to have them by my side to celebrate this holiday season with me.

My loves landed on friday and I picked them up in Soho and then took them to brooklyn to show them my crib. Spent maybe 20 minutes when we to to my apartment because we wanted to be out and about adventuring in the city.

Headed to Times to see how the ball would be dropped and of course pizza. We walked in Central Park and it snowed non-stop, ,stop for lunch on the upper manhattan. Even stopped to admire some of our favorites shops on Ave. Grab some delicious food in China Town and Nolita.

china town style

nye sparkles

The weather that weekend was absolute freezing with highs of freezing but no weather was gonna stop us, at least before 6pm.

winter style

I have to say it truly was the best New Years I’ve Ever had mostly because I got to spend it my girls!

girls night style

christmas new york

My first December in New York!

My first everything in New York!

But My very First Christmas In New York!

I can’t believe I’ve survived here in NYC this long. But all in all its been a really nice holiday season here in the city, even if I didn’t stay in NYC for christmas Eve or  Christmas day. Its been really wonderful getting squinted with the traditions; such as lights all over the city, ice skating at Rockefeller Center and Bryant park, a giant christmas tree in Bryant Park (which is what your seeing in some of these photos),  delicious foods and amazing crafts at the market in Bryant Park (which is where I found some amazing presents for family and friends).

Having traditions can be nice but starting new traditions can also be nice as well. I dint really know what to expect for my very first christmas season in the New York but I can say the excitement and atmosphere of it all didn’t disappoint.  I’ve made new friends along the way but I’ve also gotten to experience new York in a totally different perspective because of the Holiday and for that is a blessing within itself, because to be honest the city can get quite terrifying and yes I know for a city with thousands of people that may may sound difficult buts its the worst kind of loneliness because you can be surrounded by a sea of people but you don’t feel like you belong, and that kind of feeling can be crippling but with new traditions and holiday spirit it can make you feel like some things really are possible.

red beret christmas

So I left New York on the 22n’d of December and took a bus to Indiana…yep thats right a bus all the way from New York ( i don’t know what I was thinking)? I didn’t get to Indiana till the 23rd at noon, after an hour on the bus I regretted the decision. But it made that 22 hour bus ride so worth it because I got to spend those four short days with my family and friends,

Its funny how when your young Christmas feels so far away like it will never come, you can barely contain your excitement the week of and christmas Eve you can barely sleep waiting to here the reindeer on the roof and Santa coming down the Chimney. But now that older i see that the holiday is so over commercialized and you see that a lot of the meaning of the holiday is nonexistence. My faith is very important to me and christmas is a holiday that wouldn’t exist without the state of that faith, so to be Christmas is a truly a holiday where you have to slow things down and spent time with the ones you love. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!



twirl queen style

Twirl Queen

open back dress

Did you ever want to go to Neverland as a kid? Well I sure did! I feel like Tinker Bell looking for Peter in beautiful, majestic Neverland.

Hey y’all I thought this post went up on the blog but I guess it didn’t….sorrry guys. So I think the title of this post says it all. You know your girl a “forever summer girl” but with this fickle New York weather its nice to have glimpses of really nice days.

Strolling through a lovely park in Lower Manhattan an feeling like Tinker Belle. IF only I found my Peter pan? jk? Years ago I would’ve never worn a dress like this-mostsy because the back is completely open and wearing something thats exposed has never been my cup of tea but I’ve realized that lives too short not to wear the a “just because of the its back”. So great lesson learned is jut do what you bloody want and wear what you want.


fairytale urban outfitters dress

steve madden heels

urban outfitters dress

Tinker Belle Bun in action

tinker bell fairy style

urban outfitters dress

open back summer dress

Open Back Newbie but plan on wearing much more

light green floral dress

fashion blogger twirl style

Shoes to die for!! And legs that go with it!!

real life tinker bell

What I’m Wearing:                                                                                                                                                                         Dress: Urban Outfitters// Shoes: Nordstrom Rack ( Steve Madden)

purple hue style

jcrew purple pants

striped top

If I was a spice girl I would be sporty Spice…… Feeling very extra so I got my Reebok shoes during fashion Week with my work and I am just obsessed with them! They are so comfortable, and absolutely adorable, and of course I just can’t help but wear them no-stop.

I know this combination is a little different and not one you see too much on the blog but I love the sporty look with  a cute addition to it. These chinos are actually more so work pants but somehow the combo works well together, its a very easy and on the go outfit that you can dress up or dress down.


purple pants style

sneakers style

sporty fashion style

chambray style

top: Nordstrom Rack (SIMILAR) ( HERE) HERE)//Pants: Jcrew // Shoes: Reebok // long Sleeve: Nordstrom Rack