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fall style

fall style fashion blogger

Outfit Details:// Jeans: vintage Lei// shirt: TJ maxx (brand)// bag: vintage Dooney and burke bag//shoe: vintage clogs

One of my favorite colors during this time of the year is mustard green. I mean its my absolute favorite color so that means I obviously am always wearing it. but this time of the year it looks especially good with the fall colors in the background and lets just be honest that color is an all season one. But one another note because this season tis for everything with pumpkin in it, right? well it just so happens I love pumpkin muffins, pumpkins ice coffee, pumpkin ice cream and even pumpkin candy; you name anything pumpkin I’m your girl.

SO what you see in my hands is the most deliciousness of ice coffees, it’s an ice coffee from Dunkin Donuts. I have my own personal taste of flavor I like to get: So in my ice coffee I get 2 pumps of mocha, 2 pumps of Carmel and 1-2 pumps of pumpkin.                         Um…..can you say delicious

When I actually found this cute(so totally my color) at TJ Maxx I was in full rejoicing mode, jumping up and down in celabortity ways. To be honest I have no idea where the time went when it came to the months because now it’s suddenly gotten into November but one ting I know is that its gotten to that point where all you want to wear is be and wear comfortable and cute clothes and honestly with the weather being on and off like it’s always been, it’s still ; nice to get to wear some semi winter clothes and still staying in the late summer early fall  time.

with love, Killy

flare skirt

pink skirt style

haitian skirt

flare skirt blogger style

pink purple style

Outfit Detaisl:// shirt:old Navy//skirt: vintage//shoes: kohl’s//cluth: TJ MAxx

Pink and Tulle; how much girlish can you get? But I love this combo of purple with hints of pink and this blush skirt. There is actually a funny story that goes with this skirt: So this skirt belongs to a friend of mines grandmother, it was made for her grandmother when her mom was getting married, and the the waistline is sooo petite no one could fit in it besides me(let me tell you its really tiny-like exactly to my waist) but there is also a jacket that goes with this skirt and its so cute and vintage like.

They were going to sell it at a garage sale but I told them I loved (because I am obsessed with all things Tulle and I just had to have it) so they gave it to me (thanks bunches by the way). Okay maybe that story wasn’t so funny but I did save a beautiful skirt from being sent to a garage sell where it probably wouldn’t have been appreciated as much. I love this skirt because its tulle and chiffon and there is just so many outfit combos and possibility’s. When I wear this skirt it literally makes me feel like I’ve got Flare! When in doubt you must twirl and a little fun and pieces like this skirt really bring that out in your personality. the pieces that are really able to bring out my personality are probably anything with tulle in it, something in the color of mustard green and maybe something glamorous where I really get to dress up. What article of clothing brings out your personality??

♥Love, Killy

Blue Belle dress

Blue Belle

dress back

blue yellow style

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blue dress blogger style

Outfit Details:// Dress-thirtfed (goodwill)// bag: Francesca’s //shoes: American Eagle

Bleu! Bleu! This dress is soooo blue it’s practically the beautiful color of the ocean with tiny bits of flower petals. I remember finding this dress, it was a day I spent the day in Columbus Indiana with one of my best friends Erin and we ended up running errands so during this time we had to stop at goodwill. I immediately went straight for the dresses section and as of lately I’ve realized dresses have become my causal and chill way of dressing. amongst the old boring dresses this blue stunner stood out like a sore thumb. So when I found this dress I thought it was just the cutest, so I tried it on and my usual problem as always; I’m a chesty girl with a petite body. So I thought this dress would be too tight at the top but it ended it up being okay and Erin talked me into getting it. And I am glad I did because this dress is the perfect for those long summer days and even perfect for when the season starts transitioning into fall. I also feel like the dress has a sense of femininity but at the same time it’s very causal. Sometimes you lack confidence in specify areas but with great accessories like this Francesca’s bag and casual sandals and even great friend to have your back and help boost your confident level way up, sometimes it makes you feel unstoppable and even beautiful and getting to the point where you don’t even think about those insecurities. I hate to say it but what girl doesn’t have insecurities? you say and hear, I wished I looked like that, I wish I had those legs, I hate, I hate…..If Only, IF Only.

Blue Belle….

Girls We have got to stop this cycle of self loathing and I know I am definitely not one to talk because sometimes I’m super embarrassed to wear an outfit because of how I feel I look in it (like this dress in this picture), and where I’m most self-conscious is my chest area. But NO MORE GIRLS!! cycle stops NOW, I thing we should all start a body peace which is where you start talking and being positive about your body and only saying good and positive things. Guys to be honest this was a key reason and why I started my blog. I have never been the most confidence person in the room, I may have looked on the outside but on the inside I was always thinking “don’t look at me’, “look away”, or “stop staring”. But as fashion became a more stable and permanent part of my life I started to realize that Fashion is NOT about being perfect or incredibly gorgeous it’s about individuality and uniqueness.  And more than that its about having fun and being who you truly are and I think when you relax and show people your personality your true uniqueness and beauty truly shines through.

One of my favorite quotes about beauty is from the beautiful Lupita Nyongo and she to me is the mere image of beautiful she talks in such eloquentness  she says “You can’t rely on how you look to sustain you. What is fundamentally Beautiful is compassion for yourself and for those around you. That kind of Beauty inflames the heart and enchants the soul“, could not have said it better myself girl. You GO GIRL (watch out for that one)!

I’m so very glad I started this blog because not only has it allowed me to work with some incredible talent in the industry and brands but it’s allowed me to have that little boost of confidence that I have needed all along. I’m definitely not saying that I’m some Tyra Banks or even feel like some sort of famous model but gradually I’ m starting to become okay with the person that I am/becoming and the features that god gave me. As of late Emma Roberts just did a campaign with Aerie and its untouched which means no photoshopping and retouching or any of those extra things but I’m so glad and happy she is a part of this campaign I am a huge fan of hers and the Aerie campaign with her turn out absolutely beautiful. And are ssooo many more who see beauty then just being 6 foot tall, because amazing designers like Marc Jacob’s he says ” I always find beauty in the things that are odd and imperfect they are much more interesting”. So you know what, being yourself is ENOUGH! Stop trying to be and look like girls out of the magazine catalogs because most likely more than 50% of those pictures are photoshopped. Just be YOU because that is enough! Guys Real is BEAUTIFUL and REAL is SEXY!!!!


august best month

forever21 red skirt

skirt blogger style

haitian blogger

outfit details: skirt:forever21/crop shirt:/ purse:TJ Maxx/sunglasses: Urban Outfitters//shoes:chucks

Oh hello there……August- I’m sorry for being a little M.I.A but it’s all been for the good. I’ve had a lot on my plate the last couple of weeks with lots  change : new job, family matters, a very big birthday coming up. Oh my Gosh, its August. Can you believe that it’s already August? We are finally in my favorite month in the entire year. I might be a little biased because it’s my birthday month. August may be a month to party but it’s also a month to start thinking of transitioning your outfitting for fall. I’ve been loving the jumpers, mustard greens and reds lately and I think my fashion brain is getting a little too excited for the upcoming fall months. That means Fall Fashion week…NFW. I wanted to stay bright and summer-y in this post because it is still technically summer but on the inside and outside  I’m just ready for summer to last forever.  There’s nothing wrong in being a little busy bee. But once in a while you just got to chill and relax. I promise to bring you new fabulous posts more frequently.


WildFlower flower

fields wild flowers

yellow daisy

run wildflowers

Outfit Details:// Shirt: thrifted (Tramp brand)// Shorts:Free People// Bag:thrifted // Sunglasses:Urban Outfitters

These fields of wildflowers are More than just beautiful fields they are a representation. A representation of who I am! Fields have a way of allowing your wild side to unleash, It gives you a moment to stop the thinking and just do/just BE!! Personality wise I’m a very easy going person and mix that with being a creative person= F-R-E-E  S-P-I-R-I-T, so I’m an individual and very personal person, so I like to do my own thing; and let me tell you I CAN’T be tamed. That’s the thing about me and I think about a lot of creative people…we’re a little bit of everything. We don’t stay in one little tiny box. We step out of our comfort zone every single day. We love everything and anything.


is all about being open to the possibilities.

This day we shot this look was a perfect day for shooting. Alex and I were just driving around and we passed this field of gorgeous wildflower and right there and now I had a vision and I saw it. So we stopped on the side of the road and went about frolicking in the fields. These Free People shorts are one of my favorite pair of shorts I own Because after I bought them at Nordstrom Rack I decided to put these little daisy flowers on them ,its kinda hard to see them on there ( but promise they are on there). The spirit of summer is truly these golden hour moments that I have gotten within the heat of summer. Let me tell you, that day shooting these shots, the heat was ON and I may or may not have wanted to take off my clothes ( lOL- that’s True free spirit), but I didn’t but this shirt was equivalent to airy, because the whole back is open so I wore this blue bralette which is perfect for these heat of summer moments. So I felt like nothing was holding me back, top it off with these fashionable decade sunnies (sunglasses) and I truly felt FREE and my own.

I really enjoy outfits that have a little contradiction within them. Fashion lovers love taking risks. We’re always trying to find new ways to make an outfit more “us” and more unique.We’re innovators. Walking out the door with just a t-shirt and jeans is not a simple task. We’re always searching for our lipstick, our clutch, our heels and our magazine. We’re constantly looking for new ways to reinvent ourselves and our wardrobe. I love fashion. I love who I am since it has entered into my life. And I think it also allowed me not to be SO stiff and rigid its allowed me to become more of the person I am meant to be…truly who I am. when I said in Bio that I hoped you enjoy reading my blog as my style continues to evolve and change over time, I really meant it because this blog is my baby and you see and hear about all the changes and ups and downs that I go through. If I can’t tell anyone whats going on in my life, then I feel for some reason that its easier to tell thousands of strangers my problems ( Crazy right), but I think as we get to know each other more then we will have an understanding. I really hope you guys follow along and go on this ride with me, I may not know where its going but its gonna be bloody something.



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